May 07 , 2020

Sanitary Face Painting During COVID-19


As COVID-19 threats diminish and our country begins to slowly open up, people will once again begin to look for ways to celebrate special occasions IRL. We in the face and body paining industry must reach out to our clients and let them know that face painting can and will be done in a sanitary manner. We want to abolish any hesitation our regular clients may feel, especially our beloved corporate clients who hire us for large events.

As a face painter myself I have stepped up my hygiene practices and I listed them in a way that my clients would be able to understand.

I would like to share this resource with you so you may also pass on to your clients and they can feel reassured that face painting and body art can be done safely and they can begin booking you with confidence.

You may place your personalized logo and art on the printout if you so desire, and I recommend that you email this to ALL your previous clients. I also recommend that as you do begin to get booked for events, you print out and laminate or frame the notice and place visibly at your setup area. Feel free to post it to your website. Do not download and use this resource unless you are committed to following the steps as described. 


If you find this to be a helpful resource and you notice your clients feel more secure in booking with you, we ask that you visit for the awesome supplies you will need to work your gigs. 

On behalf of VIVID Glitter, we wish you all the best.

-Jacqueline Howe