Discovering VIVID Glitter - A Grateful Customer Describes Her Journey

Dec 09 , 2018

Discovering VIVID Glitter - A Grateful Customer Describes Her Journey

Having an successful Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend with record sales was absolutely incredible! However, the most awesome highlight was receiving feedback from one particular customer of ours. Heather Whitacre, a sweet face painter from Oklahoma took the time not only to thank us for our sale, (who even does THAT!), but she took time to share her journey in discovering and using our product. With her permission I am sharing her message because it really touched our hearts and I thought the world would appreciate hearing her honest review. Heather says:

"I just received all the glittery fun things I ordered on Black Friday, and wanted to first thank you for running that amazing deal! I also wanted to let you know how much I love your products.  You really do sell the best glitter, and glitter combinations! The first time I purchased your product was on another store (JestPaint.. that’s how I heard about you.. just looking through their glitter selection.) I got a single 10g of ‘Festivity'. I had some other chunky glitters, but that one had extra wow factor, and can almost go with any design! After that I looked up your product and started following your actual store.  I purchased the festivity glitter stacker (this replaced my use of almost all other chunky glitter...)  and glitter glue.  Your glitter glue is my favorite...I tagged you on Insta after receiving that, up till that point I found chapstick was the best option.  

This time, most of my purchases were for fine glitter, as I have been running low, but I also purchased ‘Revelation' which my daughter wanted to try right away.  I love the spray pump bottles.  I do have a few of those as I prefer them to poofers.  The 'Golden Mint' surprised me at how much I loved the way that looks! I haven’t tried all of them yet.....I am going to practice with them this weekend.  I am grateful for that sale though….(huge discount)! Plus a free small bottle of glitter glue?! 

When you included your card and a thank you on the receipt....and my expectations have been exceeded greatly....I wanted to let you know.  Have a great Christmas!"

We are just blown away at the way Heather voluntarily expressed her gratitude towards us in this sweet way and we loved hearing her story of appreciation of our products!

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