Nick Wolfe at FAB JAM - Central Florida's Body Art Scene Continues to Expand

Feb 09 , 2017

Nick Wolfe at FAB JAM - Central Florida's Body Art Scene Continues to Expand

On Tuesday February 7 2017, I had the honor of participating in kicking off Central Florida's newest attraction, FAB Art Shows and More - Face and Body Art Shows. The idea came about quite spontaneously headed up by face and body painter Irma Cardona and in attendance, a group of talented artists including world renowned Nick Wolfe. 

Face and Body Paint Art Shown

Irma has been hosting "Jams" where face and/or body painters gather together to practice their craft and collaborate with each other, for a number of years most times out of her own home. When she recently hosted a Nick Wolfe Workshop, she wanted to also host an open jam were any artists would be able to attend while Nick would offer his support.

Irma Cardona and Nick Wolf with Model

This drove her to look for a venue large enough to be able to house the large number of artists and models plus all the painting gear. After being turned away from several venues due to the nature of the art and scheduling conflicts, Irma found a great spot. This sparked an explosion of brainstorming and what began as an idea of hosting a body painting jam, now evolved into hosting everything that is in her heart to do. FAB Art Shows and More was born.

In Irma's words, she will host "celebrations of creativity and art to promote the skills of local artists and world renowned face and body painters in the central Florida area... The events will be open to the public and (artists) can paint live models head to toe and also sell their art , canvas art work, jewelry, etc... and other products related to the industry."


The Central Florida area has always been a draw for talent and entertainment being one of the major tourist hubs of America. It is no wonder that Orlando Florida has been the home of FABAIC - Face and Body Art International Convention for many years. This convention boasts in providing a dream team of the best and most talented instructors worldwide for artists to learn from. Artists travel from all over the world to attend this epic event. In addition, Orlando is the home of BASE- Body Art Showcase and Exhibit headed up by Mandi Ilene Schiff who has been a pioneer in enhancing the body painting scene locally. Her events are centered around a theme and have drawn top artists photographers and models. With all this in place, this network of Central Florida's body art and entertainment scene is ever expanding and evolving. FAB Art Shows and More will continue the trend of engaging artists with the public and creating more awareness of the beautiful art of body painting. 

Tuesday's FAB Jam had a great vibe as we listened to DJ Miguel Torres on the wheels of steel and models became living canvases. I am always very thankful to be invited as a vendor of my products which are essential ingredients in the body painting scene.


I had the opportunity to assist master face and body painter Marcela Bustamante where I added my special Vivid Glitter touch. 

Vivid Glitter Gold Dust

Even male models are embellished in cosmetic glitter as shown here on this design by Ivonne Lanza,

One of my favorite pieces of the night was this stunning design created by Michelle Lacy. 


Other artisans including balloon designers, caricaturists, magicians, jugglers, henna tattoo artist, ventriloquist, photographers and all kinds of entertainers are also welcome to participate and share their art in Irma's FAB Art Shows and More. Johnathan Fudge of YTE Events Balloon Decor prepares a balloon skirt for this model.

I have always known Irma to have a drive to do what she loves along side many friends who also share the same passion. The "Jam" that took place that night, was only a taste of greater things to come. 


If you would like info about future shows, contact Irma Cardona at 321-695-5060 

If youd like to shop some of the awesome glitter and paint products shown here, please visit

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